Doublework (1978)

Created for
Richard Alston and Dancers
Originally in silence, score by James Fulkerson in 1982
Peter Mumford
Jenny Henry
Doublework (1978) is a piece for six dancers.  Though it had originally been performed in silence, when it was revived in 1982 James Fulkerson composed a minimal string quartet score to accompany it. 
The piece is structured around three core duets, each with a slightly different movement style.  The dancers also perform in varying groups, from unison with all six on stage to a pas de trois next to a solo. The overall feeling is calm and controlled and a clear with a measured use of the upper body.
The piece begins quietly, with an empty stage before a couple enter and begin moving on the first note of music. They are soon joined by a second couple but as the piece unfolds, three key duets stand out amongst the other material.
The film below shows the third key duet from Doublework, performed in 2011.

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