Cutter (1985)

Created for
Extemporary Dance Theatre
John-Marc Gowans
Mike Seignior
Ashley Martin-Davis
The Digital Dance Archives says "Cutter (1985) is about rhythm, the meeting point of music and dance. The music and the movement were made over the same period and put together section by section.
"The opening dance, for example, was set without sound, and the music then composed to follow the structure of the dance, though not necessarily its accents. The closing dance is performed to the same music but was choreographed after the music had been composed, and this time uneven movement phrases were devised to follow exactly the accents of the sound.
"Cutter has no symbolic subject matter or message other than Alston's own interest as a creator meeting the needs and the potential of Extemporary."
For photographs and film footage of Cutter, visit the Digital Dance Archives.  Alston later developed the material from Cutter to create Strong Language (1987).