Buzzing Round the Hunisuccle (2013)

Jo Kondo
An Elder's Hocket
Zeynep Kepekli
Peter Todd
From the Programme Notes: As the title implies, Jo Kondo's beautiful Hunisuccle lies at the centre of this dance. Hunisuccle is a cool oasis of calm, putting one in mind of the stillness in a Japanese minimal garden. Guttural brass sonorities hover around the quietest of piano chords - it's as if time stops still. Round this lacuna of peace, the more syncopated rhythms of An Elder's Hocket and Isthmus shift restlessly. Isthmus was conceived as a piece for an encore, and as Kondo with lightly self-deprecating humour has pointed out it would be played as such, even when not really demanded! I have taken his point, in my own way, and Isthmus is played through twice.
Buzzing Round the Hunisuccle began life as a shorter work in 2012, to view a video, visit the Isthmus page.