Blue Schubert Fragments (1974)

Developed from Lay-Out (1973)
Created for
London Contemporary Dance Theatre
Franz Schubert
Death and the Maiden Song Opus 7, No3- Theme from D Minor String Quartet, also played on Harmonium and Flute
Der Tod und das Mädchen
Michael Alston
White long-sleeved unitards, some with black bands around the arm or leg
26 February 1974 at the Shaw Theatre
Blue Schubert Fragments (1974) is a piece for eight dancers. Set to a recurring theme from Death and the Maiden as well as a song of the same title, there are also long moments of silence when the company continues to dance. The piece feels quiet and polite and is structured around solos, duets and group work.

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Blue Schubert Fragments Resource Sheet (PDF 149Kb)

Lay Out Programme Notes (PDF 94Kb)