Technical terms

The Bridge

A suspended walkway above the audience to give technicians access to lighting equipment.


Vertical racks of lights in the wings that create the side lighting.


A bridge above the stage or audience that is interlinked with several pathways. It can also be above the stage.


A white or grey piece of cloth or plastic hung at the back of the stage.  It is sometimes left unlit, but is usually lit with a wash or similar lighting effect.

Front of House

In the context of lighting, this refers to lighting hung beyond the proscenium arch in the auditorium.

Fly Tower

The fly tower allows for fixed scenery to be ‘flown’ up out of the sight of the audience and lowered to the stage when needed.


Coloured pieces of plastic that are slotted in front of lights to create coloured lighting effects.


Metal or glass cut shapes to create patterns on the cyclorama or stage floor.


Terms used for lights.


The black fabric that is hung to mask the wings.


This refers to the direction the legs are hung in. If the legs are hung from stage left to stage right, it is known as Ballet or French Masking.  If the legs are hung running up and down stage, it is known as German Masking.


The rows of lights hanging above the stage.



The sides of the stage where dancers wait to go onstage.

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