Cue sheet

Once the lighting designs have been confirmed for each piece, the Technical Manager plots the lighting rigs to see if anything needs to be sourced. During the company’s tour, the stage crew usually prepares the venue a day before the first performance. This is known as a ‘get-in’ and includes preparing the floor of the stage as well as hanging any lanterns, and programming timings for lighting cues.

A Plot Sheet is created to record the timings of lighting changes to be entered into the lighting desk. This allows for the correct timings during the show, following the Stage Manager’s directions.  In the photo gallery below, there is a copy of a plot sheet as well as a print out of a plot sheet from the lighting desk.
The Stage Manager uses a Prompt Copy to ‘call’ the show. This means that they communicate with the technical crew, telling them when to hit buttons on the lighting desk to cue lighting changes. In the photo gallery below, this is the music score with notes attached.